The Tempest

June 19, 20, 26, & 27 

Mingus Park Amphitheatre 
The Tempest opens in the midst of a storm ravaging a ship at sea carrying the King of Naples and several of his noblemen. Unbeknownst to the royals, the tempest was conjured up by Ariel, magical servant of Prospero, the former Duke of Milan who was deposed and exiled by his scheming brother Antonio. Prospero is enacting a clever strategy he has taken the past 12 years to craft: to punish his enemies, regain his title, and forge new alliances to heal old wounds (arranging for his teenage daughter Miranda and the King’s son to meet). 

The remote patch of coral Prospero enchanted to rise up from the bottom of the sea, which for over a decade served as home for only himself, Miranda, the magical spirit Ariel, and a bitter half-fish, half-human slave called Caliban now sees an influx of people, all with their own worries and agendas. 
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